We made excellent progress in the 2018 midterms, but we’re already preparing for 2020!  Can we count on you to donate 20 for 20?  Commit to a 20 per month Donation from now until November 2020 to help us continue building for the future!



Will you commit to 20 for 20? We are asking for you to contribute $20 a month till November 2020 to help bring it all home. Tarrant went Blue for Beto, but we can't stop till we get all candidates elected. This is your chance to... https://t.co/V7EtqNhTdt

Sign up on our volunteer form to stay updated on our volunteer opportunities. https://t.co/Jk5xLtdZgN

We’re moving to our new digs on December 1, 2018 so we making our wish list and checking it twice.

New Office Wish List

Nice chairs for reception area
Office... https://t.co/hnzw42TO9K

DNC Chair Tom Perez Joins Cuomo Prime Time To Talk 2018 Election, the BLUE WAVE and Tarrant County. https://t.co/IoGbCPngXg

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