We made excellent progress in the 2018 midterms, but we’re already preparing for 2020!  Can we count on you to donate 20 for 20?  Commit to a 20 per month Donation from now until November 2020 to help us continue building for the future!



Tonight we hosted our first ( stay tuned because not last) presidential candidate for the 2020 primary.

Alright everyone. We have more tickets. Once these are gone, that will be it. Hope to see you all there!!! https://t.co/A9mZCyMB4v

We have tickets!!! They won’t last long. https://t.co/N0wOg5kECa

EVENT SOLD OUT!! We are working on expanding the venue, we will have more information on that by Wednesday morning.

We have a very limited number of Sponsorship's available. Please contact us ASAP to be a sponsor. https://t.co/412M5IygEc

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