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Can you help us get your neighbors to the polls this November?

July 1st, 2014 by Matt Marxer
Dear friend,
Just a few days ago we celebrated Wendy’s one year Filibuster. Yesterday, the Texas Democratic Party finished up the state convention in Dallas, and Wendy and Leticia have officially accepted the nomination for Governor and Lieutenant Governor!It is an exciting time to be a Democrat!

This November, we have the opportunity to take back Texas from over two decades of Republican rule. It’s not going to happen if we don’t get our voters to the polls.
From the Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party to Wendy and Leticia, the idea that Texas is not a red state but a non-voting state has been echoed continuously.
The more we have examined the data, it becomes increasingly clear that Tarrant could be a blue county.
The Democrats are here in Tarrant County, my friend! All over Tarrant County, there are registered sporadic voters who have historically voted for Democrats. These registered voters rarely vote, but when they do, they vote Democratic.If we get these voters back to the polls this November, we will take back Tarrant County.We are prepared to bring these sporadic Democratic voters back to the polls in November; our organizers and interns are working hard to make this happen!

These voters, your neighbors, are all around Tarrant County. We must get them to the polls!
Yes, they will need a little picking, prodding and persuading to get them to vote, and this is where we need you!Will you help us get them to the polls?It is going to take thousands of phone calls and door knocks to achieve this goal, and we can do it, but not without you!

Can we count you in?

If you can’t help by volunteering, any financial donation also helps our staffers and interns get our message out! If you would like to donate, please click this link. Every dollar helps!We will be printing out many more call lists and addresses of sporadic voters which calls for boxes and boxes of paper. We will also be mass printing our coordinated campaign fliers to leave at your neighbors’ doors.It is an effort worth supporting!

Wendy said it best at the convention. . .

“We can come together to fight for our promise. We can come together to summon our dreams.

We can come together … uniting with common purpose and shared values to affirm our future, to build our tomorrow. And when we do that, we will win.”


Whether you are able to  volunteer or contribute, we need your help to get these voters back to the polls!

Help us get them there and let us win this November!

Dreaming of a blue Tarrant County,
Deborah Peoples

Chairman’s Corner

May 18th, 2014 by Chairperson Deborah Peoples



 Democratic Friends,

      The Democratic Primary Runoff Election is this Tuesday, May 27. I have attached a sample ballot and updated election information including polling locations below.   The polls are open from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Let your voice be heard and VOTE.

Questions? Tarrant County Elections information found here

Tarrant County Voter Look-Up – Find your Precinct  

 May 27 Democratic Primary Runoff Election Sample Ballot

 *ELECTION DAY* Voting Locations – May 27 – Voting Locations




TCDP Chairwoman Deborah Peoples

You are invited to the TCDP Second Annual Fish Fry – Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 6th, 2014 by Chairperson Deborah Peoples


               You may purchase tickets for the TCDP Fish Fry here.