Precinct Chairs

For a list of Tarrant County Democratic Party Precinct Chairs click HERE.

TCDP Precinct Chairs are the foundation of the County Party.  They are key to winning elections for Democratic candidates in Tarrant County.  They are elected by the Democratic primary voters in their precinct and they represent those voters to the local and state Democratic Party.

Precinct Chairs are expected to form a small team to help them talk to Democratic voters in their precincts.  They are expected to attend CEC meetings and help build Democratic community in Tarrant County.

For more information on being appointed to a vacant Precinct Chair position contact any member of the Precinct Leadership Committee.  Download an application for appointment HERE and submit to



Precinct Leadership Committee

Chair Elizabeth (Beth) Kelly


Bob Horton


Peter Cardell


Paula Edens



House District PC Coordinators

HD 90

Emerico Perez, Jr.



HD 91

Joel Fryar



HD 92

Heather Buen



HD 93

Bob Horton



HD 94

Charlotte Foulkes



HD 95

Dan Spangler



HD 97

David Craig Massad



HD 98

Caroline Sherman


HD 99

Greg Noone



Democratic Election Judges are needed to help insure all elections are fairly represented.  This entails serving from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm on election days.  Primary Elections are held on the first Tuesday in March. Joint General and Special Elections are held on the first Saturday in May.  Ratification Elections (when needed) are held on the first Saturday in September.  General Elections are held on the first Tuesday in November.


If you need more information, contact Vera Roberts, Election Judge Liaison, at .  Training is provided for new judges prior to serving.