Sustaining Membership

We offer several donation levels and benefits

Presidential: $825.00/month

Includes 8 tickets to 1 pre-event reception, 1 major event (a table of 8 or golf team), Sponsor Board, all other events free

Vice Presidential: $425.00/month

Includes 4 tickets to 1 major event, Sponsor Board, free ticket to all small events*

Governorship: $225.00/month

Includes 1 major event ticket, Sponsor Board, free ticket to all small events*

Lt. Governorship:  $100.00/month

Includes 1 pre-event reception ticket, free ticket to all small events*

Leadership:  $50.00/month

Includes free ticket to all small events*

Membership:  $20.00/month

Includes 1 free small event ticket*

Friend:  $5.00/month

*Small event is any event with a cost of $50.00 a ticket or less

Note:  You must be an active member in good standing (full yearly payment OR at least 3 monthly payments in the 3 months prior to the event) before you can take advantage of the benefits and perks for your donation level.

Click here for the Sustaining Membership application

Please call our party headquarters at 817-335-8683 if you prefer to set up a monthly bank draft.  E-mail if you have any questions.

Recent polls show more Texans now identify as Democrats than Republicans.  With voters moving more in our direction, it’s great to have Democratic candidates competing to win against Republicans in races across Tarrant County this year.

​This is an exciting time to be a part of the Tarrant County Democratic Party.

Will you join us?